Dear Patient/Carer,

We are writing to you as you, or your child are currently taking montelukast. This is a medication which can help provide good control of your asthma symptoms.

We have recently been made aware of some potential side effects that can occur when taking montelukast, however these do not occur often. If you or your child are experiencing these side effects please book an appointment with a doctor – do not just stop the medication, as uncontrolled asthma can be dangerous. If you are not experiencing these side effects, you can disregard this letter.

Side effects can include:

  • Sleep disturbance or nightmares (1 in 100)
  • Behavioural changes, increased agitation or aggression (1 in 1000)
  • Hallucinations (1 in 10,000)
  • Anxiety and depression, and very rarely thoughts of self harm (1 in 10,000)

As previously mentioned, these side effects are rare and poor control of asthma can be dangerous. So, if you or your child are experiencing any of the above, please get in contact with us, but continue the medication in the meantime.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr J.A. Wakeling and Partners

Telephone: 02920 561808