Your blood tests show that your vitamin D level is low. You require vitamin D prescribed by us.
This prescription will be a high dose course for six weeks, followed by a long term ‘maintenance’ course.

Your maintenance course at a lower dose has been put on repeat prescription which you will need to order. The prescription for six weeks has been left at reception for you to collect.

Should you have any questions regarding this do not hesitate to book a telephone advice call with one of the Doctors.

This is how you can increase your vitamin D levels:


Expose arms and face for 15 minutes twice daily from May to Sept.


Oily fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel)
Mushrooms, eggs, cereals, margarine
Milk, cheese and yoghurt daily for calcium.

Yours sincerely

Dr J A Wakeling & Partners

Telephone: 02920 561808