You recently had some blood tests done. These showed that your iron levels were low but that your blood count (haemoglobin) was within the normal range.
Low iron levels can be caused by lots of different reasons, including lack of iron in the diet or lack of absorption (which can be caused by drinking too much milk) amongst many other reasons.
Having low levels of iron can cause symptoms including tiredness, sore tongue, poor skin and hair condition amongst others. Iron is essential for making haemoglobin which is important for carrying oxygen around your body, and low iron over a long period of time can lead to anaemia (low blood count).
It is reassuring that your blood count was normal, but you may feel better in yourself if your iron levels were normal again. This may be achieved either by dietary changes or by taking iron tablets. In terms of diet, it is advised that you consume foods which contain iron regularly, which include red meat, poultry, fish and green vegetables.
We have issued you a prescription for iron tablets please collect this from the surgery. These can be taken to improve your iron levels. Please read the information that comes with the tablets. This medicine works best and causes the least side effects if it is taken with vitamin C containing foods/drinks, and not taken with milk or dairy food/drinks. Common side effects of this medication includes nausea, constipation, abdominal pain and changing the colour of the stool to a blackish colour.
We would suggest that we should repeat your blood test to check your iron levels and your blood count in 3-4 months’ time. Please contact the surgery in 2-3 months’ time to arrange this.
If you have any further questions or would prefer to discuss this with a doctor, please book a face to face or telephone appointment with a GP in the surgery in the usual way.
Yours sincerely

Dr J A Wakeling & Partners

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